SwedenNov.12 mmxiii

Qlippothic Death Metal Magic

T-shirt illustrations

Thy Flesh

GreeceSep.1 mmxiii

Thymiama Mannan

Cover artwork, booklet illustrations and layout


SwedenJul.30 mmxiii

Death Immaculate

Shirt design


Greece/USAJul.30 mmxiii

The Ruins of Edom

Cover artwork and layout for CD and LP re-release of "The Ruins of Edom",
to be released by Dybbuk Records

Cold Poison

MéxicoJul.30 mmxiii

Pandemonium app

Work featured into an iPad app along with biggest names like Alexander Brown, Fortifem and Metastazis, Pandemonium is an essential APP for any enthusiast of art, graphic design and illustration, but also for anyone who enjoys creativity and visual culture

Visit the official Pandemonium website

Cold Poison

MexicoMay. 24 mmxiii

The Devil's Arch Etching

Etching of "The Devil's Arch" Illustration, XVI copies were made printed in Hahnemühle high-quality paper, numbered and signed; the etching can be purchased exclusively at the Graphic Noise website

Thanks to master Marco Vinicio for helping this come true
Printed in Saltillo, México
Update: Sold Out


NorwayApr. 20 mmxiii


Entry for Anti's project 666frames


USAApr. 5 mmxiii


T-shirt Illustration


MéxicoJan. 27 mmxii

Gateway to the Nightside

Sample of the upcoming split album of my band Andramelech with Serpent Noir, released via Daemon Worship Productions

Purchase at Daemon Worship
Official Andramelech website
Artwork by Alexander Brown. Photography by Cristina Francov

Nightbringer & Dodsengel

USA/NorwayDec. 13 mmxii

Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno

Album artwork and layout